Flipping through the pages

ImageI’ve had my fair share in the newspaper media industry as a junior news writer for some publications, and the first thing that my mentor told me is: you have to put all the important details of the news in the first paragraph, because mainly, people don’t have time to read through the article. Glances, skims and scans- in a world where everybody gets going and out-going, the challenge of attaining information about the latest events,  without disturbing our busy systems has always been an issue for many of us. People, I believe,  used to savor benches in some parks bringing their copy of the newspapers, but not anymore, this time, catching up means turning on that tablet or smartphone, reading up the news, only when there are waiting times- like while in the taxi, you’re in line, or whatever.  

I’ve stumbled upon this app called, Flipboard as I was randomly browsing through the television. A young boy behind the enterprise, I thought, hit the jackpot. Such a great idea, could actually come from little packages, you thought had no or little potential. Using tablets, smartphones and the like, you could just flip through the latest news on different fields from arts to sciences and everything in between.  You don’t have to google it, it’s like having your own bank of information, which you could access anytime, anywhere, at your own discretion.

PC Mag says that what flipboard does is to actually “transform blog posts, social networking feeds, images, video, and articles into an impressive layout that replicates the print reading experience.”  You would want to read the newspapers, the magazines, books, but seriously, one can’t keep everything inside his/her bag. With Flipboard, with a flip, you get the information you want, and the latest news you need to know and other interesting posts.

The great thing about the app is- it’s free! Are they reliable? Yes, Flipboard’s roster of partners include: ABC News, All Things Digital, Bon Appetit, Lonely Planet, SB Nation, SF Chronicle/Gate, Uncrate or The Washington Post Magazine and others.

Thank you for making my life easier, Flipboard.


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