The Scoop on TV: LG 3D Smart TV

The Scoop on TV: LG 3D Smart TV

by Cyberscoopers

I personally have encountered different types of television brands that had promised convenience just with a push of the remote button. However, it does not necessarily apply to every household. One may always wonder why all the buttons of a remote control are not totally utilized. I remember once having seen such- a remote control with the words: record, rewind, pause, play and the like. While these may refer usually to the DVD set installed, some brands have promised that you could actually capture frames and have them set of later viewing, but most of the time, they had failed to deliver the promise.

People have sought for the real thing and friends, I bring you the real deal – the LG 3D Smart TV.


With the new LG 3D Smart TV, you have convenience right at your fingertips. Is Time machine now possible in our age? Yes.

The LG 3D Smart TV has the new Time Machine II feature.  it’s newly updated and you could watch your shows because the TV has internal recoding with a built-in memory card with its Live Playback feature. It also has a Watch & Record feature- meaning you can record a TV show WHILE you watch another channel. Who knows, one channel you may be tuning into now also means you miss out on all the other hundred channels, so why don’t you just scan those other channels while you click on Record, just to make sure you’re not missing out on anything.  Think about how much impact this would contribute for couples arguing over lifestyle channels versus sports channels or kids defending their own favorite cartoon shows coming from different channels and more.

The LG 3D Smart TV also has scheduled recording, set the time, and let it record while you’re away.  What’s amazing is that, the Time Machine Feature also works EVEN IF it’s turned off, as long as it is plugged. Talk about a TV having its own genius mind, making things easier for you – as a student who goes to school, or for Mom as she cooks in the kitchen and Dad who is in the office away from home.  Catching up with your favorite shows has never been this easy.  Now one does not have to rely on hearsays about the latest news because you could watch it any time you want. Now, you don’t have to suffer with high priced video-on-demand subscription,  nor the crappy downloading speed most households have. Let the LG 3D Smart TV work for you so you could literally sit back, relax and enjoy.

Needless to say, we all have something to watch on TV, we all have favorites regarding series, movies, teleseryes and so on, but because of the demands of today, one may not catch those shows directly on TV. People then resort to watching them online, even paying just to watch them. But wouldn’t it be better to watch it on big screen?  Well, this may not refer to the cinemas, but guess what, LG’s 3D Smart TV comes in big screen sizes, bringing the movie, even the 3d movie experience, straight to your homes.


The comfort of watching shows online honestly has a different feel as compared to one watching it on TV, feeling cozy on the couch. Studies say there’s a declining trend for televisions, however, Cyberscoopers  says that there’s a very pretty good reason why we should go through the time machine and go back to our love for our couches in the living room, watching TV with family and friends  and not just our office desks where our laptops lie, doing all the work alone.


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